Saad lostan (born October 3, 1974, in Damascus) is a Syrian actor. he was graduated from the high institute of drama in Damascus 2001. He is best-known in Syria for playing many of Syrian drama series, theater, cinema film and dubbing. after 2011 he based in Paris.He was part of the Syrian Ministry of Culture's National Theater's.

  Syrian actor since 2001, having acquired a vast experience following the participation in many dramaturgical projects. Experiences that allowed him to better know what he is, what he wants, his strengths and weaknesses and what triggers his emotions.

  His ability to master and adapt to different situations as well as his motivation, have never failed and are the secret of his success in Syria as an actor since 2001. He has a strong command of his voice and a sense of communication that allows him to integrate and facilitates the achievement of the optimal result expected by the director and the production team.


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